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Employment law in the UK has become complex and complex every year. Similarly, employer responsibilities to its employee have been increasing. Fulfilling obligation as an employer has become incredibly challenging after Real Time Information (RTI) and pension scheme are introduced.

Payroll is not as straight forward as it looks. Complexity lies in calculating relevant deduction and doing RTI submission to HMRC.

We can file all of your in-year and year-end returns for you with HMRC and provide you with P60s or (P45) to distribute to your employees at the year end.
Regardless the complexity it involves, but if it is dealt smart, all complexities become as simple as finding a credible and reliable professional accountant firm where your company matter is dealt with a higher level of due care.


The law on workplace pensions has changed. Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties, including enrolling those who are eligible into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it. This is called automatic enrolment.

It is called automatic enrolment because it is automatic for the employees.

Employees don’t have to do anything to be enrolled into the pension scheme, but it is not automatic for employer. Employer need to take steps to make sure all the eligible staff are enrolled into a pension scheme.

Currently we are in partnership with UK’s leading pension services provider to help with the oncoming pension changes and set it up for your business. We can also assist employer to set up the pension details in the payroll software and calculate it on regular basis to send to the pension provider or directly upload the information to the pension provider portal. We are experienced on that and helping many of our existing client with their pension duties.

Do not worry about all compliance issues. Once you get registered as a Taxpoint Client, one of our experience colleague will help you and provide all the necessary information.
If you require further assistance for specific pension related issues, please call us to schedule either a phone appointment or meeting in person.

And, we are here to help you and guide you all the way through.
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