Foreign Landlord & Property tax

Foreign Land and Property Tax

Are you a property owner in the UK?

Do you live overseas?

And you are not sure how to deal with Tax affair?

Do not despair!! Our expertise is at your service.

We already have many clients from UAE, German, Canada, America, India, Nigeria and so many places.

If you have property in the UK, commercial or residential, you are subject to tax on your income generated from this property.

Does Non-residential landlord scheme apply to it?

Who pay you tax letting agent or tenant?

Does HMRC will consider that you may be paid your rent in full without any tax deduction?

Which way, via company or as an individual, is better option for tax saving purpose?

There are many issues to be considered when you think about tax planning.
Now feel confident, our expertise on international property investment in the UK is with you.

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